Quality Management System

QAS accompanies you in the preparation for audits and inspections.

We support you in reviewing and adjusting your business and quality processes including the associated clear, waterproof, comprehensible and logically linked documentation.

With our expertise we support you solution oriented in ensuring the necessary compliance.

  • Internal effects:
  • General standardization of internal processes
  • Competence and performance enhancement of employees
  • Accurate and clear specifications interwoven in the overall processes
  • Increased efficiency of workflows
  • Simplified monitoring and KPI handling
  • Integration of continuous improvement
  • Traceability of processes and relationships
  • Sensitized and company-specific adapted communication and transparency
  • External effects:
  • Improvement of customer relations and market position
  • Use of the certificate for marketing purposes
  • Support of new customer acquisition
  • Increase customer satisfaction
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