Information Security - QAS Creates Awareness!

QAS performes tool-independent gap analysis and supports the definition and implementation of appropriate actions.  

  • The following areas are covered by our services:
  • General information security
  • Cloud strategy for Life Science
  • Access and identity control
  • Physical security
  • Operational and communication security
  • Security in supplier relationships
  • Business Continuity Management
  • Awareness campaigns

Phishing mails, social engineering, sniffing, DoS, spoofing, brute force, malware are the most common IT security attacks which endanger computers and even the corporate network on a daily basis.

Cyberattacks can lead to different consequences. These include e.g. reputational damage, published data, data loss, manipulated data, financial losses, production stoppages, network problems and more.  

With a strong information security management system such problems can be prevented.

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